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Look Then Look Away

Apparently some people have cameras in their phones. Did you know that? A guy showed me a picture on his hand held telephone and when he pulled it from my view I had a crazy idea. With real photographs there are some I like to look at a lot and often, even to the point […]

USA TODAY: Amazon introduces the Fire smartphone

From USA TODAY Amazon introduces the Fire smartphone Amazon today introduced a new smartphone, the Amazon Fire, at a public conference in Seattle. The phone will be Amazon’s latest foray into hardware, following its successful line of KIndle e-readers and media players. The phone has a 4.7 inch LCD screen, with a 2.2 GHZ processor, […]

Mostly Myself Again

After some emotional extremes I am settling back down to a state of genuine feeling and loneliness is the most common one, again, as it should having put myself in the position of not having anyone to confide in that can help me process the changes I am going through. It is exactly how I […]

Proofread Much? – Without meaning to do

Proofread Much? – Without meaning to do so I often find myself in the roll of grammar police.”Woman shot in Calif. manhunt will to get new truck”A real headline from the AP. The strange thing is that Mark Eccles read the article and found no mention of the will to get anything.

Check out this article I saw in USA TODAY’s Kindle Fire application: Saturday mail deliver to end in August The cut begins in August, but six-day package delivery will continue. To view this story, click the link or paste it into your browser. Heh, mail deliver?

Dream Machine – Pizza vending machine. =

Dream Machine – Pizza vending machine. =)